Children are placed into classes depending on age. 

Classes follow a structured curriculum and have a strong focus on posture, technique, dance vocabulary, music & rhythm. 

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Twinkle Tots

2-4 years

Duration of the class is 40 minutes. 

The focus is on giving children the confidence to participate in a class environment. It is designed to help children follow instructions from a teacher and take direction. This class focuses on rhythm & movement involving magical songs that everyone can sing along too. 

The class also enables children to interact and form special friendships from a young age. 

At Twinkle Toes we are very nurturing and believe the first dance experience of a child's life should be a very special journey. 

Children will learn the magic of dance and how to twinkle their toes all by themselves. 

At the end of class each week, children will be given an activity sheet related to what was learnt during class. This can be completed at home to further their learning and keep their imagination alive when they are away from the studio. 


Twinkle Stars

4-7 years

Duration of the class is 45 minutes 

Our Twinkle Stars class gives children the freedom to use their imagination and creativity in a nurturing environment. The class follows a structured lesson plan and gives children an insight into the discipline expected whilst dancing like a princess. 

Children begin to grasp the concept of ballet and the discipline that comes with it and they start working on exercises at the barre. 

Strong focus is on balance and posture as your child develops as a dancer. 

Children are kept engaged throughout the lesson and partake in fun filled activities which builds confidence. 

At the end of class each week, children will be given an activity sheet to emphasise what was learnt during class. This can be completed at home to further their learning. 


Twinkle Juniors

7-10 years

Duration of the class is 45 minutes 

Throughout this class, children develop their balance, flexibility and confidence. Lessons focus on developing technique as well as a strong focus on creative movement. Children build on their ballet terminology and are able to identify steps prior to being shown. 

This class advances your child's ballet skills in a fun and creative way with music they love! 

During the class, students will become familiar with the lesson plan which involves barre, centre & corner work. They will be able to demonstrate particular positions & exercise's as requested and continue to grow as a developing dancer. 

Twinkle Juniors is a very special class as it preps the students who want to go on and pursue ballet exams after life at Twinkle Toes Academy. 



5-7 years


7-10 years

Now taking expressions of interest for our Jazz classes! 

Our jazz classes are fun and energetic!

Classes incorporate technique and style and include leaps, turns and jumps. Dancers' explore different eras of music throughout the classes and build an understanding of how jazz has evolved over the years. 



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Creating long lasting friendships at Twinkle Toes Academy

Attending classes regularly will develop your child's social skills, trust, communication and ability to work in a team environment.